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Longing for belonging. Women Empowered Global has been established to help women like you, not because where you are, rather because of where we are going.

We would love for you to be part of our global movement! 

Let us hear your story and let us help - you!


Watch and Learn

In our Academy you will be able to learn from the best - with the best. There is a reason why we handpick our Global Partners - very carefully!


Our courses are specially created for women. We believe that learning is the way to know, practice is the way to grow. That's why our courses are so valuable for our Tribe. 

Core Community

After signing up in our uniquely created platform, you will be automatically be part of our core community for life!

Stepping Out

There’s a reason we call our Comfort Zone, a ‘comfort’ zone. It’s nice in there, you’re filled with reassurance, no risks and everything you need is perfectly in place. It’s nice to run back into your comfort zone when things get challenging or even complicated because once you’re in there, nothing can worry you. But stop for a minute and think, out of those challenging times you avoided that required you to jump out of your comfort zone, how many golden opportunities have you missed?

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Soon we will launch our online academy. Don't hesitate to reach out to us - to learn more. Our team is there for you.

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