The Confidence Course

Confidence = Competence. The more you know the more you can show. This course is for any one who wants to learn how to generate confidence, and learn how to express confidence through leadership. Our CEO, Senela Jayasuriya, has been able to discover the essence of confidence, what it takes to be confident and how to generate confidence in difficult situations ( when you are far from confident).

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At Women Empowered Global we have helped hundreds of women via dozens of topics both at our real life events and at our online masterclasses, from cash-flow to networking, from owning your power to the growth mindset. 

To bring out a course on our high-end academy platform, enables us to give you an even greater experience for your growth. From our perspective, what we have seen in all our participants is that confidence is the sauce that gives the most flavor in what makes them succeed or what is the missing sauce why they're not succeeding yet. 

This Online Course has the best of everything: At one end you will learn How to generate confidence and at the other end you will learn How to express confidence through Leadership

We have added many bonuses to this course, because we want to bring you the most value wherever you are and whatever you want to accomplish!

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The Women Empowered Workbooks (developed by our CEO)

The mother of skill lies in repetition. Did you know that when you are doing practices alongside the course that you are up to 70% more likely to remember and thus able to practice it?


The Business Mingle

Get full access to the FULL Business Mingle recording. Where our CEO, Senela Jayasuriya asks groundbreaking questions from top industry leaders to set you up for success. Secret revealed: from power tips to strategic advice, prepare for leadership!


Our Community

When you commit to your growth via this course, you have access to a growing community of like-minded professionals. We will also be regrouping for a special one-on-one with our CEO for active members. Further, our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you support services regarding your personal growth even after the course. 

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Online Learning

When you learn online you have the great benefit of repeating at your own convenience. What they say in personal development is true: Repetition is the mother of skill.

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When you become a member with full access to the Confidence Course, you can #AskUsAnything! How it works? It's very simple, just ask your message in our community. You will also be able to connect with other achievers.

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