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Are you looking for a job in a meaningful and rapidly growing organization that makes the difference for women?


Job Title: Coordination Officer

Women Empowered Global offers you the opportunity to acquire experience and exposure to our passion-driven local and global programs and initiatives.

We have positions both full time and part time for experienced candidates as well as internships for students.

We accept students currently enrolled in a postgraduate, 
doctorate programme, or students in the final year of a bachelor’s degree.

Being passionate for the cause and empowering women
is a must to apply.

Wide variety of projects:

  • Educational workshops for women
  • Leadership training and coaching 
  • Mentoring for female entrepreneurs 
  • Empowering networking events
  • Digital platform to educate women 
  • Online forums
  • Advocacy


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Team Women Empowered Global

Women Empowered® was initiated as a platform for women to network, feel inspired and be empowered to reach new heights in personal development and professional growth.


"Working at Women Empowered Global was my first ever job and it was absolutely the BEST experience I ever had. I started off as a fresh school-leaver with no idea whatsoever about working in the corporate sector and I received hands-on on-the-job training where I picked up skills and learned my way around slowly and steadily until I was capable to handle responsibilities myself.

I had the opportunity to meet successful business leaders and influencers at the two Business Mingle events I was involved in and it was more than what I imagined myself do for a first job. I learned so much about Female Empowerment and I myself grew as an individual who wants to be a part of it. The skills and experience I gained while working at WEG helped me build a solid and powerful CV even before I started university! Working with Senela was an absolute delight and the WEG team was the most cooperating and loving. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to be a part of the WEG family ❤️❤️❤️"

~ Ranuli Palipane ~


If you are passionate, We will always want you!


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